Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Klassische Philologie, HU Berlin

Conference: Tragedy | Trauma || Bodies | Boundaries

Organizers: Sarah Nooter & Giulia Maria Chesi

Free Registration per e-mail:


(Unter den Linden 6, room 3059)

Panel 1 (2-4pm):

Chair: Anna Chiara Corradino

Bodies and Boundaries in Greek Tragedy

Giulia Sissa (UCLA): Βάρος κακῶν: the Ponderous Life of Bodies, between Tragedy and Comedy

Chiara Thumiger (HU Berlin): LOXIAS: on Queerness, Agency and Enigma in Tragedy


Coffee break (4-4.30pm)


Panel 2 (4.30-6.30):

Chair: Despina Karkani

Performance and Trauma in Euripides

Agnese Grieco (Berlin): Phaedra’s Honour

Abigail Akavia (Berlin): A Song that Can't Be Sung, or: How I found myself cast as Iphigenia


(Unter den Linden 6, room 2249a)


Panel 3 (10-1pm): Sofia Varino

Bodies and (Im)possibilities in Sophocles’ Antigone

Marta Lietti (FU Berlin): Antigone’s Wandering Body

Ella Haselswerdt (UCLA): Antigone and the Limits of Humanism: Chorality and the Impossibility of Gende

Sarah Nooter (University of Chicago): Antigone and the Absent Presence


Lunch: 1-2.30pm


Panel 4 (2.30-5.30pm): Anna Chiara Corradino

Pain and Agency in Sophocles and Euripides

Giulia Maria Chesi (HU Berlin): “Lift your Head and Neck off the Ground”: Queen Hecuba’s Enslaved Body in Euripides’ The Trojan Women

Susanne Gödde (FU Berlin): Heracles’ Body: Pain, Ecstasy, and Dissolution

Isabel Ruffell (University of Glasgow): No Triumph, no Tragedy? Disabled People in Sophocles and Euripides

Break (5.30-6pm)

Performance by Abigail Akavia & Agnese Grieco (6.00pm-7.00pm): Phaedra’s Turning Point

Closing discussion (7.00-7.30pm)