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Ricardo Julião

Ricardo Julião
Fig.: Ricardo Julião

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Thesis defense in 2023



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Publications within the project "Medicine of the mind":

  • "Galen on the anatomy of memory", in Medicina nei Secoli, VOL. 34 NO. 1 (2022), pp. 55-75.
  • "Galen on Memory, Forgetting and Memory Loss", in Mental Illness in Ancient Medicine. From Celsus to Caelius Aurelianus; Co-edited by Chiara Thumiger and Peter N. Singer; Leiden: Brill. (2018), pp. 222-244.
  • "Movement" in The Soul is an Octopus. Ancient Ideas of Life and the Body;  Sean Coughlin, Philip van der Eijk, Ricardo Julião, Uta Kornmeier, Giouli Korobili, Orly Lewis, Thomas Schnalke, Chiara Thumiger and Christoph Geiger;  Berlin: Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité, Berlin: Edition Topoi, 2016, pgs. 76-83.
  • "Mapping Memory. Theories in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Medicine", in Journal for Ancient Studies - Special Volume 6, Edited by Gerd Grassoff and Michael Meyer; Co-authored with: Roberto Lo Presti - Dominik Perler - Philip van der Eijk; ETOPOI, (2016), pp. 678–702.