Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - Alexander von Humboldt Professorship

Dr. Hynek Bartoš

Contact details:

Charles University Prague, Faculty of Humanities




Publications within the project "Medicine of the mind"

Authored Book

  • Philosophy and Dietetics in the Hippocratic On Regimen, Leiden: Brill (Studies in Ancient Medicine 44), 2015, 340 pp.


  • ‘Iamblichus on Pythagorean dietetics’, in A.M. Renger and A. Stavru (eds.), Pythagorean Knowledge from the Ancient to the Modern World: Askesis, Religion, Science, Wiesbaden: Harassowitz, 2016, pp. 277–291
  • ‘Aristotle and the Hippocratic De victu on innate heat and the kindled soul’, Ancient Philosophy 34, 2014, pp. 1–27.
  • ‘The concept of mimesis in the Hippocratic De victu’, The Classical Quarterly 64, 2014, pp. 542–557
  • ‘The analogy of auger boring in the Hippocratic De victu’, The Classical Quarterly, 62, 2012, pp. 92–97.
  • ‘Aristotle on methodological approaches to the study of the human soul’, Croatian Journal of Philosophy Vol. XII, No. 35, 2012, pp. 199–220.