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PhD projects completed


Claudia Mirrione: Theory and Terminology of Mixture in Galen. Krasis and Mixis in Galen’s thought


Francesca Corazza: Medical papyri from Antinoopolis: a case study in late antique medicine

Julien Devinant: Les troubles de l’âme selon Galien (Julien Devinant), co-tutelle with Université de Paris IV Sorbonne


Wei Cheng: Pleasure and Pain in Context: Aristotle’s Dialogues with his Contemporaries


Giulia Ecca: Praecepta: Vorschriften zur medizinischen Deontologie. Edition, Übersetzung, Kommentar

Orly Lewis: Praxagoras of Cos on Pulse, Pneuma and the Arteries and his Role in the Development of Ancient Medicine

Recent Honours and Awards


Matteo Martelli

Young Historians Prize of the International Academy for the History of Science