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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - Alexander von Humboldt Professorship

Project description

Medical papyri from Antinoopolis: a case study in late antique medicine

I considered the papyri excavated in Antinoopolis, Middle Egypt, as a case study for late antique medicine. Dating mostly between V and VII cent. AD, they possibly belonged to the same medical library in town, where a hospital foundation and an oracular practice connected to the cult of the saint-doctor Collouthus are well documented.

My research focused on: a number of re-vised editions supplied by a papyrological and medical commentary; the analysis of medical pluralism and the interaction between popular, professional and religious medicine; the inquiry on teaching medicine in early Byzantine Era between theoretical and practical approaches, with a specific attention to style, arrangement and physical characteristics of the miscellaneous books among the Antinoopolis papyri.