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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities - Alexander von Humboldt Professorship

CV and Publications

I was born in 1973 in Prague (Czech Republic). I studied philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Charles University in Prague) and received the Ph.D. in Philosophy and History of Science (2003) from Charles University (Department of Philosophy and History of Science, Faculty of Science). Since 2003 I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Humanities, Charles University).

I am interested in the philosophical aspects of ancient Greek medicine and biology (see the grant projects listed below) and recently co-editing the first Czech commented edition of the Hippocratic treatises. In 2007-8 I had the opportunity to spend six months as a Fulbright research scholar at the University of Pittsburgh (Department for History and Philosophy of Science, USA). Currently I am working on a philosophical commentary of the Hippocratic On regimen (De victu) within the project “Medicine of Mind, Philosophy of Body…” at Humboldt University in Berlin.


Grant Projects

  • 2009-2012: “Corpus Hippocraticum in the Light of Modern Human Sciences“ (GACR 401/09/0767).
  • 2006-2008: “Corpus Hippocraticum and its Meaning for Contemporary Human Sciences“ (GACR 401/06/0647).
  • 2004-2006: “Ancient Biology. Ancient Views on Life, Nature and Man in the Perspective of Modern Biology” (GACR 401/04/P193).

Publications in English

  • “Aristotle and his Hippocratic precursors on health and natural teleology”, Rhizai. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science, VII.1, 2010, 7-27.
  • “The Analogy of Auger Boring in the Hippocratic De Victu”, Classical Quarterly (accepted in August 2010)
  • “Soul, Seed and Palingenesis in the Hippocratic De victu”, Apeiron. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science, 42.1, 2009, 17-47.
  • “Dietetic therapy and its limitations in the Hippocratic On regimen”, in: V. Suvák (ed.), Sokratika: Sebapoznanie a starosť o seba, Prešov 2009, 8-16.
  • “Varieties of the Ancient Greek Body-Soul Distinction”, Rhizai. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science, III.1, 2006, 59-78.

Publications in Czech (Books)

  • “Očima lékaře. Studie k počátkům řeckého myšlení o lidské přirozenosti z hlediska rozlišení duše-tělo” (From a Physician’s Point of View. Studies in the Origins of Greek Thought on the Human Nature and the Soul-Body Distinction), Pavel Mervart, Červený Kostelec 2006, pp. 285.
  • S. Fischerová, H. Bartoš, (eds.), “Corpus Hippocraticum I”, OIKOYMENH, Prague (forthcoming), pp. 480.”

Papers (selected)

  • “Nesmrtelná psyché a putující daimón“ (The Immortal psuchê and the Wandering daimôn). Reflexe. Journal of Philosophy, 29, 2006, 27-58.
  • “Aristoteles redivivus aneb Malé repetitorium aristotelské metodologie s ohledem na problematiku psychosomatické medicíny” (Aristoteles Redivivus. A Revision of Aristotelian Methodology in the Light of Psychosomatic Medicine), Časopis lékařů českých, 4, 2006, 288-294.
  • “Dialog medicíny a filosofie nad otázkou povahy člověka” (A Dialog between Medicine and Philosophy on the Question of the Nature of Man), Časopis lékařů českých, 9, 2004, 639-642.
  • “Prolínání perspektiv v Hérakleitově nauce o duši” (Diffusion of Perspectives in Heraclitus’ Doctrine of Soul), Reflexe. Journal of Philosophy, 23, 2002, 23-44.

Invited Lectures

  • “Aristotle’s Concept of Soul as a Bridge between Biology and Ethics", University of Kansas, Lawrence (USA), 2008
  • "Early Greek concepts of the body-soul difference", Institute of Philosophy, University of Krakow (Poland), 2007

Conference papers and other international presentations

  • “Periplous in De mundo”, 6th Rhizai (SEAAP) konference on Ps-Aristotle, De mundo (Crete, Greece), 2010
  • “Medicine without Doctors? - The Hippocratic treatise De victu and its audience", “Approaches to Ancient Medicine", University of Newcastle (England, UK), 2009
  • “Aristotle and his Hippocratic precursors on health and human nature", “Approaches to Ancient Medicine", University of Reading (England, UK), 2008
  • “Analogy between phusis and technē in the Hippocratic De victu", “Approaches to Ancient Medicine", University of Newcastle (England, UK), 2007
  • “Aristotle, De partibus animalium, 641a17–642a1", „May Reading Seminar on Aristotle’s De Partibus Animalium“, Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb (Croatia), 2007
  • “Into man there enters a soul: Hippocratic De victu I. 7 and I. 25 in context”, “Approaches to Ancient Medicine, University of Reading (England, UK), 2006
  • “Seed, Soul and Palingenesis in the Hippocratic On Regimen” – Summer University, Course: Philosophy and Science in the Greco-Roman World, CEU Budapest (Hungary), 2006